January 26th, 2012

The term incontinence means different things to different people and definitions vary even in medical literature. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines continence as: the ability to voluntarily control defecation or stool expulsion, maintain this control even during sleep, distinguish between stool and gas and to defer defecation to a socially acceptable time. Given the above, it therefore holds that in simple terms, faecal incontinence is the inability to achieve continence. It is noteworthy that the concept of faecal continence remains a co-ordinated and complex interaction of various physiological processes that include: consistency of stool, compliance or distension of the rectum to receive increased quantity of stool, a local reflex mechanism, normal anal canal sensation with normal functioning of the internal and external anal muscle sphincter mechanism. (Source : Total Health)

Here at Fico Centre, we manage a treatment called Secca Therapy. This is a non surgical option for the elimination of Faecal Incontinence and is delivered by  a low level electrical stimulation to the nerves & muscles of the lower bowel and sphincters.

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