March 16th, 2012

Many people are often too embarrassed to seek help over losing control of their bowels, however it’s really important to seek medical advice to rule out a multitude of other conditions which may cause this.

There are over 100,000 sufferers of MS in this Country, unfortunately for some, bowel incontinence is an added burden for them. We have taken the information below from the Multiple Sclerosis website, but for any further information you should take a look here

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What exactly is Faecal Incontinence?

People with faecal incontinence have difficulty controlling their bowel. As a result, they pass faeces, or stools, at the wrong time or in the wrong place. They may also pass wind without control or totally lose control and soil themselves.

What causes Faecal Incontinence ?

It can result from damage to the coordination of the bowel mechanism caused by MS or diarrhoea from overuse of laxatives. Faecal incontinence can also be a by-product of constipation with poorly formed stools overflowing around impacted stool.

How can Faecal Incontinence be treated?

The first step is to obtain a referral to a Continence Advisor via a Neurologist, GP or in some areas of the U.K. a person may seek one out and ‘self-refer’. This will lead to a bowel assessment to determine the cause of the problem, for example if it’s caused by the spilling over of liquid bowel contents due to constipation or faulty bowel mechanism due to MS.

Ficocentre offer Secca Procedure with consultant surgeons across the UK. Secca is a non surgical treatment, it takes approximately 60 minutes to perform and the patient can return home after a few hours. We are happy to have an informal chat with you first to discuss appointments and what to expect, we can be contacted on 0844 561 6606.



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